Friday August 23rd

For the majority of us, we think hard and choose a career path. Josiah Pratt is one of the lucky few born with passion, drive, and unequivocal talent that to ignore would be a shame for us all.

While other five year old children drew with chalk and rode bikes, Josiah was seeking out audiences. Whether it was a couple family members in the kitchen or a crowd gathered at a public event, Josiah’s eagerness to sing and entertain was as natural as his ability to carry a tune. 

Now, 18 year old Josiah is a self taught musician who thrives on the thrill and challenge of picking up a new instrument and embellishing it with his signature flair. 

Winner of Top Male Singer at the 2019 Canadian Model and Talent Convention, Josiah, the “Michael Buble of Pictou County” even advanced to taking home the 3rd overall prize in his age division. 

Josiah built his local fan base through his three back to back leading roles in his high school’s annual musicals. With each vastly different portrayal, Josiah brought a level of enthusiasm, professionalism, and skill far beyond his years. 

His natural ability and unwavering determination have been the driving forces for Josiah’s achievements to date. With a humble heart and a raw symphonic spirit, there is no telling what will come next for Josiah Pratt.

Dustin Jefferson & Jamie MacFarlane

Born and raised in Pictou County, this Acoustic Rock duo has grown up surrounded by music and their musical families.

First playing together as part of the Joseph LeBlanc Band in the early 2000s, they are now re-united and bringing an acoustic take on classic rock hits from the 70s and 80s (with a few surprises).

The passion that Dustin pours into his vocal performance is amazingly complimented by Jamie’s harmonies and guitar work.

Don’t miss this act on Friday August 23rd from 4-6pm at Pictou County Ribfest. 

East River Rats was founded by front man Brian MacKenzie in the summer of 2016, bringing his Scottish roots and love of powerful Celtic music to the vanguard. After several attempts at building the band with various local musicians, the final line-up came together throughout 2017/2018.
Hailing from the northern shore of Nova Scotia, Canada (also known as The Birthplace of New Scotland), these six passionate musicians come together to create a unique high energy blend of Celtic rock that has a little something for everyone to enjoy as well as a live presence and performance that will keep you dancing and singing all night long. 

If you’re hungry for great musical entertainment then Big Fish is definitely the catch of the day. This lively quintet, noted for their strong harmonies and expansive set list of all your favorites, has been performing their unique show for over twenty years throughout the Maritimes and central Canada. Audiences of all ages have been fascinated by the creativity, powerful voices and showmanship of this talented group of performers as they bring together songs from the 50’s to the present and covers everything from Broadway musicals to Maritime music. This group loves to sing and have fun and it shows!

Sarah Letcher:Lead and backing vocals, Keyboard, tin whistle and percussion

Peter Janes:Lead and backing vocals, bass and trumpet

Andy Gallant: Lead and backing vocals, trumpet and drums

Brad Davidge: Lead and backing vocals, Lead Guitar

Dale Letcher: Lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar, Key Board and harmonica

Saturday August 24th

Morrell Dance Company

Pictou County Gymnastics Club

Pat Walsh

One after another, you’ll hear your favorite hits that you almost forgot about. Ranging from the 50’s to the 90’s, get ready for a web of nostalgia with a refreshing new twist for your ears. 

MonkeyTown, is Moncton’s newly formed cover band.  This high energy musical group features founder, and former Old School frontman Paul Lea, along with Brian Boudreau, Sandy Ackles and Don Pellerin.

With a catalog of over 200 songs in all genres of music spanning 6 decades of hits, they are guaranteed to entertain young & old alike. 

MonkeyTown is the featured group for this year’s CFL Touchdown Atlantic on August 25th. 

The Dirty Rokkin Scoundrels is a play on words from the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, but they just added Rokkin because that’s what they do!  They take classic fun rock ‘n’ roll songs from the 1960’s to the 1980’s and put their own classic twist to them to create an atmosphere for the crowd to get up and join in on the fun, singing along, dancing and shaking the tambourines!  The Dirty Rokkin Scoundrels are all about having fun and won People’s choice for Best Classic Rock band of 2018.  They have played many festivals and shows around the county and beyond.  Get ready for the straight ahead, fun, rock n roll sounds of Dirty Rokkin Scoundrels at Pictou County Ribfest!

The Band:

Jimmy K – Lead vocals

Darrin Rogers – Lead/Rhythm guitar and backing vocals

Troy Aikens- Lead/Rhythm guitar and backing vocals

Ray Hedd – Bass and backing vocals

Dwayne Cormier – Drums

Rankin MacInnis just keeps rolling! Fresh off an album release with the group Party Boots (‘House Party’), Rankin is preparing to launch and is right back in the studio, hammering out his debut solo album. Already a proven stage performer, Rankin lead the group Party Boots through 7 years of non-stop, energy-packed performances and his diversity had him collaborating with greats from the White Stripes to the Chieftains. Being backed by a band of talented friends on saxophones, fiddles and all the rest, Rankin is equipped and ready to hit it… 4-3-2-1!

Sunday August 25th

The Kitchen Criminals (TKC) is a four piece ensemble from Pictou County. Their East Coast, Celtic-Rock sound was largely influenced by Atlantic Canadian bands MacKeel, Great Big Sea, Rawlins Cross, and Fleur Mainville.

TKC formed in 2016 due to a shared musical connection, enthusiasm and a love for the typical East Coast kitchen party atmosphere. They have built a large fan base by playing for pubs, colleges and universities, as well as entertaining at private functions such as weddings, corporate parties, benefits and many more. Their music ranges from original songs, to fiddle sets and Celtic classics. This group’s musical appeal is one that extends into many stylistic tastes.

Outfitted with an acoustic guitar, fiddle, bodhrán drum, tin whistle, mandolin, and bass guitar, TKC sets the stage with their Celtic instrumentation and rock approach to the music industry. TKC is excited about the release of their first album titled ‘Down the Hatch.’ The album is set to release in 2019.


Jon Raven Band

Jon Raven’s energy and commanding vocal ability shine through his infectious Rock Americana sound. His knack for melody and stick-in-your-head hooks stem from a lifetime of diverse influences and experiences. Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada and now calls Nashville home. Surviving a rare form of childhood cancer, Jon’s life began to take on a magical purpose. Knowing that there was so much to live for became the catalyst to reach for his dreams. Jon spent years polishing and culling his unique crossover style and sound. He effortlessly drifts with skilled precision from heart-wrenching laments to upbeat spirit rockers that awaken the primal being hiding inside you. Jon’s songs come from a passion for life, and reveal tender lyrics penned with his heart clearly on his velvety sleeve. Endorsed by Gibson Guitars with a custom “Jon Raven” guitar.